Multi-Function Motorcycle Gear


Whatever make and model your bike and whatever your riding and traveling style, one thing is a constant:  the lighter, the better. We compiled a list of multi-functional motorcycle gear items that can reduce the bulk and weight of your motorcycle tools and other gear!

All In One

Having a basic toolkit on your motorcycle is always good policy: you never know when you’re going to get a flat or need other minor roadside fixes, so having at least some basic tools and spares with you is a must. However, lugging half the garage with you every time you go for a ride isn’t exactly much fun! Opt for tools that are multi-functional, for example, this Bike Master Multi Tool.

Multi-Function Motorcycle Gear

Don’t Pack It, Wear It

Want to have an extra light and compact multi-tool that you don’t even need to pack? Check out this Leatherman Tread Bracelet and wear your tools in style!

Multi-Function Motorcycle Gear

Parallel Thinking

Want to carry spare clutch and throttle cables? Run them parallel your existing ones and secure them in place with zip ties. This way, not only you’ll save space but changing your cables will be much easier!

Smart Camping

Plan to camp along the way on your motorcycle road trip? Get gear that is lightweight and has multiple uses, like this Exped Bivy-RainCoat. You can use it as your tent tarp, a bivy, a poncho, a raincoat or anything else you need!

Multi-Function Motorcycle Gear

Create Function

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy multi-functional motorcycle gear – all you have to do is get creative! You can use your water bladder as a pillow, your neck buff as a towel, hat, and potholder, and your cooking pot as a coffee cup! Unleash your imagination and use less stuff, in more ways.

Multi-Function Motorcycle Gear

Make it Stick

Make sure your tire levers can double as spindle wrenches, and zip-tie them to your bike’s frame – that way, you’ll have multi-function tools and won’t use any of your packing space!

motorcycle trip

What multi-fucntion motorcycle gear do you use? Let us know in the comments below!



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