Q: What does Moto Manufacturing do?
A: We’re all about creating and designing smart motorcycle accessories that help you make it about the ride, not the details! The MirrorLok is our first product: a tool that extends your mirrors, minimizes mirror vibration at speed, and acts as a helmet and gear lock.
Q: Wouldn’t extended mirrors vibrate more at speed?

A: Yes-That is only a very small part of why we added this adjustable poly O-ring feature that deals with vibration!

Q: Do I have to install MirrorLok myself? If I took it to a dealership, will they be able to install it for me?

A: You can easily install MirrorLok yourself with basic tools or have the dealer put them on when you go in for an oil change.  Check out our instruction video:

Q: Is it available in any other colors?

A: Available only in matte black right now.

Q: How do you keep your gear from being stolen?

A: We designed the MirrorLok so that when the shackle is in the locked position it covers the allen bolt head, making it impossible to remove the MirrorLok. (this is a very common question).

Q: MirrorLok extends my mirrors. That means I’m more likely to break them if I drop my bike?

A: The design of the MirrorLok allows your mirrors to rotate out of the way because of the friction of the compressed polyurethane O-rings.