Moto Manufacutirng: Who We Are

At Moto Manufacturing, we believe it’s all about the ride – not the details! So leave those details to us: producing cool motorcycle gadgets and accessories that make life on two wheels so much easier is what we live for. We’re at our best when we’re coming up with smart solutions to everyday motorcycling problems!



Our goal? Designing, engineering, and manufacturing a new generation of smart motorcycle accessories that are easy to install, ready to function, and set to multi-task. Smart motorcycle tools with multiple uses and functional accessories that look great is the future, and we’re so excited to invite you along!

Moto Manufacturing is based in Peoria, Arizona and is run by an experienced team of motorcycle enthusiasts. We’re all riders. We get it: motorcycling is all about freedom, adventure, and the open road.

Go hit that open road, and leave the technicalities to us!

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