Six Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes


If you’re setting out on a long motorcycle journey, you might need to fix your bike right on the side of the road. Even if you aren’t an experienced mechanic, these six quick motorcycle roadside fixes can help you along!

Chain Links

Always carry some spare chain links and a master link clip. If your chain snaps on the way, these will make it very easy to fix it on the roadside!

Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes


Don’t Forget the Soap

Yes, soap: carry a bar of soap in your toolkit, especially if you’re riding off-road a lot. If you happen to split your tank open, rubbing the soap will seal it temporarily and prevent gas from leaking out, giving you some time to get to a service shop.

Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes

Tire Patch Kit

Flats are probably the most common roadside annoyances. They can happen anywhere, anytime, on or off the road, so carry at least a basic tire patch kit, a spare tire tube if your tires aren’t tubeless, and an electronic or hand tire pump.

Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes

Parallel Cables

Running an extra clutch cable parallel to you existing one is a great way to make your life much, much easier if your old cable ever gives out. If you have a parallel clutch cable ready, all you need to do is get rid of the old one and connect the new one in!

Zip ties

Zip ties are probably one of the mos useful toolkit items. Things break, things fall of your bike, things need support – and zip ties can help you with just about all of those issues!

Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes

Fuse Extras

Spare fuses weigh next to nothing and are easy to pack, to just carry a few spares. You can simply stuff them in your toolkit and forget about them – but you’ll be glad you have them when needed!

Quick Motorcycle Roadside Fixes

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