MirrorLok | Gear Review (via Rider Magazine) is that so many motorcycles have rearview mirrors that are better at providing a view of your shoulders than of what’s behind you? Good explanations are nonexistent, but I’m sure it has a littl… Source: Rider Magazine

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December 2018 BMW Owners News (via Issuu)

SOMETIMES A PRODUCT SHOWS up on your desk you didn’t know you needed.  A creation from Al Jesse. the MirrorLok mirror extender was one such product.  See more, less vibration, lock your stuff, the packaging said.  The possibilities piqued my interest. Like most riders, I’m used to a third of my mirrors showing my jacket […]

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MirrorLok: You may not know you need this by Ian Schmeisser

Every once in a while, you come across a moto-gadget that you didn’t know you needed. The MirrorLok motorcycle mirror extender and gear lock is a well-designed system that solves three chronic riding problems: limited rear view, mirror vibration and gear security. That’s a weird combination, you might say… but it’s quite logical as you […]

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Mirror Lok Interviewed at IMS Long Beach (via Creative-Riding)

MirrorLok at Progressive IMSPhoto: Creative Riding This year at Progressive IMS Long Beach we had the opportunity to check out a new (to us) gadget that’s practical and functional. That phrase  might sound funny at first, but walk through the vendor booths at most motorcycle trade shows, and you’ll find plenty of farkles and trinkets […]

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Best Summer Motorcycle Roads in the US

The riding season is now in full swing – but planning new routes for the summer rides can be challenging. We compiled a list of the best summer motorcycle roads in the US to help you along! Read more