Motorcycle Mirror Extensions: What You Need To Know


Motorcycle mirror extensions are great tools to improve your rear view and your safety on the road.

But with a variety of different products available, how do you choose the one that will fit right?

There are different kind of accessories to help improve your mirror view, so let’s get down to it and see what’s out there.

Motorcycle Mirror Extensions

Motorcycle mirror extensions are usually accessories that add length to your stock mirrors, pushing them outward and offering a better view. With extensions, your view isn’t blocked by your own shoulder anymore, but your mirrors remain at the same level. In addition, they will vibrate more.

motorcycle mirror extensions

Mirror Risers

Sometimes, your stock mirrors are positioned too low. In those cases, you don’t need to push them outwards as much as you simply need to position them higher.

If that’s the case, mirror risers is what you need:

motorcycle mirror extensions

However chances are that even with mirror risers, you’ll see your own shoulder.

Multi-functional Mirror Extensions

What if you wanted your mirrors both higher and longer, plus you ‘d like something that would help reduce mirror vibration at speed? You need MirrorLok!

The patent-pending MirrorLok is a multi-functional accessory which solves all of these problems: with  MirrorLok installed, your mirrors are re-positioned, increasing the field of vision and giving you a better rear-view perspective as well as minimizing the vibration of the mirror.

motorcycle mirror extensions

MirrorLok design isolates the mirror from the bike, creating space needed to address the blurred reflection.  Vibrations are absorbed and softened through a series of cushioning polyurethane O-rings.  The rider’s mirror view is dramatically improved, even when road conditions are not!

On top of that, MirrorLok also acts as a helmet and gear lock:

motorcycle mirror extensions

Want to be the first one to test MirrorLok? Check out our Kickstarter campaign, back us now, and grab a MirrorLok with an early bird deal!

MirrorLok is incredibly easy to install:

You can get your own MirrorLok HERE.

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