MirrorLok: You may not know you need this by Ian Schmeisser


Every once in a while, you come across a moto-gadget that you didn’t know you needed. The MirrorLok motorcycle mirror extender and gear lock is a well-designed system that solves three chronic riding problems: limited rear view, mirror vibration and gear security.

That’s a weird combination, you might say… but it’s quite logical as you examine the Mirrorlok’s design. Machined from billet aluminum and steel, the MirrorLok fits into your motorcycle’s existing mirror mounts, repositioning your mirrors outward and upward in anti-vibration mounts to improve your rearward view around your shoulders and luggage. And if your bike has buzzy bars, your view is clearer, as well.

The Mirrorlok’s mount also provides a precisely-machined and reasonably beefy locking shackle that is designed to work with looped wire cable to secure your helmet and jacket to your bike when parking in sketchy locations. It’s not maximum security, but it’s enough to slow down those who might steal things, given the opportunity.

Measuring just 1” x 3” x 1” with nicely-machined rounded edges and corners and a black powder-coat finish, the MirrorLok’s compact shape packs a lot of function into a very small space. Its precisely-fitted components impart a true sense of quality. Installation is very straightforward and requires only simple hand tools. The instructions are clear but must be read completely and followed closely… best not to guess your way through. There is also an easy-to-follow installation video on the Moto Manufacturing web site. MirrorLoks are bike-specific, however, they are available to fit a wide variety of motorcycle models. 

The MirrorLok mounts stationary on one end to the handlebar’s existing mirror boss, while the mirror mounts through a machined hole in the other end. The mirror swivels within the MirrorLok housing for adjustment. Simply remove your mirror, add a machined spacer to its mounting shaft, and thread the shaft into a pre-installed machined damper that fits into the MirrorLok housing from the bottom. A key concept is that the mirror is not attached directly to the Mirrorlok, instead it mounts to this damper, which is a threaded collar surrounded with 4 silicone rubber rings. The damper is a friction into the MirrorLok’s housing and isolates the mirror from the bike’s vibration. Tighten the fastener onto the mirror shaft with an 8mm allen wrench, compressing the silicone rings to adjust the tightness of the friction fit. After the mirror assembly is affixed within the MirrorLok housing, the housing is then attached to the bike’s mirror mount boss with another stainless steel fastener. The precision of the fit, the materials used, and the ruggedness of the fitment to the bike are impressive.

When riding, the MirrorLok’s benefits are immediately visible. Mirror width is increased by about 2” out on each side and 1” up for a view to the rear that contains far less shoulders, it provides a significant increase in your situational awareness. Vibration is essentially non-existent and mirror adjustments are simple. If these were the only MirrorLok benefits they would be worth their purchase price, but there is more. 

 Yet who among us doesn’t feel a little nervous when parking the bike and laying our gear on top of it for a quick run into the grocery store, or in other situations where we are not 100% sure of the security of our surroundings? Each MirrorLok features an integral spring-loaded locking shackle that works in conjunction with a looped-end flexible wire cable, Moto Manufacturing makes and sells high-quality plastic-coated versions of these in two different lengths. Thread one end through your helmet, jacket, tank bag straps, etc., and fasten it back to the shackle for a fairly rugged level of security. It’s not going to stand up to bolt cutters, but it will effectively discourage the opportunistic thief. The lock is simple to use and difficult to pick because it uses a unique round key. Everything opens and closes with a satisfying click. It is is well integrated with the MirrorLok housing, making it easy to quickly secure your gear.

I installed the MirrorLoks on my Honda CB500X and used them throughout a recent 3,000 mile European tour. After installation they never needed additional attention and I found the longer cable more effective because I could lock my helmet, jacket, pants and tank bag all at one time. I may even make up a longer cable to secure my luggage. They’re very inconspicuous once mounted and never affect the use of your controls while riding.

See more, vibrate less, and increase security, you get a lot of value for MirrorLok’s purchase price of $135.

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