Fun Motorcycle Accessories: The Christmas List


What can be a better gift for a rider than an array of fun motorcycle accessories? We scoured Pinterest for some awesome Christmas DIY motorycle gift ideas, and here‘s what we found:

  1. Chain Helmet and Gear Rack

This creative rack keeps your helmet and gear safe, dry, and tidy! Simply clean your old chain, shape it into the form you like, glue it together and stick it on a board!

fun motorcycle accessories

Want something more elegant? Grab an old sissy bar and create this beautiful gear and helmet rack:

fun motorcycle acessories

The Sprocket Clock

This one is for the crafty types: clock-making isn’t for everyone. But if you love tinkering, just find an old sprocket, clean it, and let your imagination do the rest!

fun motorcycle accessories
The Braap Keychain

Another awesome use for an old chain: cut off a few links, clean them, and attach anything you like – a custom key ring, a moto-themed USB stick, or a bike charm. We love this little Braap key ring:

fun motorcycle acessories
Badass Tool Board

You can use leather, wood, or anything else you like for this one. Cut out the shape or logo that you love, punch 20-35 or more holes in it, attach metal hooks and voila – you have yourself a custom tool board!

fun motorcycle acessories
Garden art

Tired of garden gnomes and flower arrangements? Discover your inner Picasso! Throw this garden guardian together using old motorcycle parts and enjoy compliments on your genius:

fun motorcycle accessories
DIY sidestand

Know someone who struggles with a sidestand that‘s too short or too unstable? Get inspired by this work of art, and get busy!

fun motorcycle accessories
Moto Christmas stockings

There‘s nothing that says „motorcycle Christmas“ better than these Harley-themed stockings! Prefer dual sport, street, or sportsbikes? Get creative with different brands:

fun motorcycle accessories

Too busy to create fun motorcycle accessories yourself? Check out this Youtube list of five coolest motorcycle gifts this year!

What will you be making during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!