DIY Tool Box For A Motorcycle: Ideas On the Road


Are you planning a long motorcycle journey, or simply want to have your tools with you everywhere you go? Check out this simple DIY tool box for a motorcycle idea!

If you want your tools safe, secure, and available everywhere you go, you need a custom tool box or bag. But what if the aftermarket options are too expensive, too bulky or big, or not reliable enough? We have a solution!

DIY Tool Box For A Motorcycle

You’ll need:

  • a 24-inch ABS pipe (available at Home Depot for $15)
  • a blank end cap
  • 4-inch locking test plug
  • two T-bar clamps
  • small padlock (optional)

DIY Tool Box For A Motorcycle

Put the blank cap on the bottom end of the pipe using strong glue (epoxy works best).¬†Using the T-bar clamps, mount the pipe to your luggage rack; if you don’t have one, use the bike’s frame or subframe. Put your tools inside, and close the pipe with the locking test plug. For added safety, lock it all up with a small padlock:

DIY Tool Box For A Motorcycle

And there you have it: a simple,  waterproof and fairly shatter-proof (we have tested it on some mild off-road crashes!) DIY tool box for a motorcycle, all for a total of about $60!

What bikes can you use it on? Any, as long as they either have a luggage rack or a frame suitable for mounting the pipe.

Does the pipe have to be 24 inches long? Not necessarily, but we found this was the optimal size for storing the essential tools away comfortably without needing to stuff them or stack them in impossible combinations.

Why the T-bars? They are stronger and wider than regular clamps and will last you much longer. Standard clamps become loose with time and use and your tool box will start to rattle whereas the T-bars keep it secure for much longer.

Why the padlock? This is completely optional but if you’re on a journey, keeping your tools safe just makes sense.

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