Must-Have Motorcycle Tools for a Road Trip


Planning a road trip? Here’s a list of must-have motorcycle tools that will get you out of most situations on the road!

Set of Allen and Torx Wrenches: these will help you undo any fasteners on your motorcycle. Always check whether you need Allen, Torx or both depending on your bike’s make, model and year: this information is available in your owner’s manual.

Set of wrenches: standard or metric, depending on your bike, to undo and secure fasteners on your motorcycle. How many do you need? Usually, a regular set of wrenches is 8 to 17 millimeters and should be sufficient to do the majority of fasteners on your bike.

Axle wrench: you’ll need it for tire changes and anything else that requires taking a wheel off. Make sure you get one with a tire iron on the other end to save space and add function!

Puncture repair kit: pack tire plugs or patches, depending on whether you have tube or tubeless tires.

Tire pump: choose and choose electric, hand or CO2 pump to inflate your tires.

Tire pressure gauge: make sure your tire pressure is always optimal, on and off the road!

Spare hardware: pack a small selection of nuts and bolts, just in case.

Grips:  don’t forget a small selection of pliers or other grips to help you undo fasteners or hold something hot

Flashlight: a small flashlight is irreplaceable in so many situations on the road.

Multi-bit screwdriver that can use Philips, flat and JIS bits

Spare tubes: if you’re running tube tires, pack at least one spare tube.

Duct tape, cable ties, and baling wire for quick roadside fixes

Spark plug socket to remove and replace your spark plug when needed

Any tools that are uniquely specific to your motorcycle: if you have a rare or unique bike that requires specific tools, pack them even if you can’t use them yourself.


Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: rtwPaul



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