DIY Motorcycle Windshield


Aftermarket motorcycle windshields can get pricey and they don’t always meet the expectations, so get creative: we found an amazing DIY motorcycle windshield hack and tested it out for you!

A stock Suzuki DR650 comes without a windshield. It’s a neat all-rounder dual sports bike, but if you’re planning longer trips on the DR650, you may need a windshield to add some protection from the weather, bugs, and road grime. With aftermarket options being on the more expensive side, we looked for a simple but effective DIY solution – and we found one on Youtube!

This awesome DIY motorcycle windshield idea was just what we needed: cheap, easy to re-create, and 100% useful!

DIY Motorcycle Windshield          DIY Motorcycle Windshield

Step One: get a plastic garbage container (we scored a $10 Walmart find)

Step Two: cut out the windshield and fold it following the instructions in the video

Step Three: attach Velcro strips to your bike and windshield using heavy duty self-adhesive Velcro

Step Four: attach the windshield and go for a ride!

DIY motorcycle windshield

Photos and experiment: @rtwpaul

Original DIY motorcycle windshield idea: FML Stewart

Have you tried this? What are your DIY windshield hacks? Let us know in the comments below!