How To Choose a Motorcycle Helmet


When it comes to gear, there are so many options and price ranges available that it can be hard to pick out exactly what you need. So how do you choose a motorcycle helmet?

The Classic

Street riding helmets are probably one of the most popular helmet types, and come in the widest variety out there. From flashy racing helmets to more conservative street riding and touring ones, these helmets are king on the road. This helmet can cost anywhere from $1,00 to a $1,000 and more; there are multiple manufacturers, makes, and models to choose from.

Should you get one? Yes, if you like the comfort and the safety this type of helmet provides and ride mostly on tarmac.

how to choose a motorcycle helmet


Motocross helmets are specific to off-road riding and racing. Most of the time, you will also need a pair of goggles to go over the helmet, because motocross helmets normally don’t have visors. These helmets offer a wider, broader field of vision, and have a peak that protects your eyes from the sun.

Should you get one? Yes, if you want a larger field of vision and mostly ride off-road.

how to choose a motorcycle helmet

Adventure/Dual Sport

This is a mix between a touring and a motocross helmet: it has a visor and a similar comfort level to the touring helmet, but also sports the motocross peak and wider field of vision. Adventure helmets are perfect for longer journeys and a great for both on and off-road riding; usually, they’re light but offer great protection.

Should you get one? Yes, if you love riding both on and off the road and love going on motorcycle trips.

how to choose a motorcycle helmet


This helmet is for those who prefer the “open face” feeling, but want the same level of protection that touring and adventure helmets offer. Modular helmets offer great comfort; they are especially valued by commuters and long-distance road riders.

Should you get one? Yes, if you like the comfort of the “open face” helmet, but want the protection of a touring one.

how to choose a motorcycle helmet

Once you know how to choose a motorcycle helmet, make sure you know how to look after it!

What type of helmet do you use, and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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