MirrorLok Gaining Traction on Kickstarter


This week is so exciting for all of us here at Moto Manufacturing: we’ve just launched our very first smart motorcycle accessory, MirrorLok, on Kickstarter!

Thanks to great reviews such as the RideApart write up, the Adventure Motorcycle news and social media shares, MirrorLok is gaining traction. So far, we’ve raised over $5,000 of our $35,000 goal and we know that with your support, we can get over that finish line!

“MirrorLok is a completely new product that hasn’t been seen before. It’s a smart, multi-functional motorcycle accessory that helps people see better, ride safer, and keeps their gear safe while off the bike. I felt that Kickstarter was the best place for it”, – says Al Jesse, inventor and founder of Moto Manufacturing. “it’s an exciting time now, and I’m very positive about the launch”.


MirrorLok is made from machined aluminum right here in the States. When installed on your handlebars, MirrorLok extends your mirrors offering a much better rear-view. The dampening O-rings minimize mirror vibration at speed, letting you see better. Finally, a push-button lock keeps your helmet and your riding gear safe and secure while you’re off the bike having a coffee or going for a walk. Weighing just three ounces, MirrorLok transforms your riding experience, increases safety on the road, and keeps your riding gear secure!

“I love solving puzzles and improving things that don’t make sense on stock motorcycles. MirrorLok is just the beginning: as soon as it’s launched, we’re already thinking of offering various add-ons like the GoPro and Sena camera mounts, adapters for different motorcycles, solutions for open-face helmets, and so on”, – explains Al Jesse.


Want to be the first to test MirrorLok? Check out our Kickstarter campaign, grab one of the amazing early bird deals, and make it all about the ride, not the details!