Be Seen on Your Motorcycle


These days, we at Moto Manufacturing are all about improving your view with MirrorLok. But to be seen on your motorcycle is just as important – so we compiled some useful tips on how to increase visibility on the road!

Go Light

Humans see light before they see color, so while a high-visibility vest and helmet will help to an extent, you’re much better off with some auxiliary lights, an LED headlight or even a modular headlight for higher visibility. Make sure your lights are always clean and working properly!

be seen on your motorcycle

Go Green

Intriguingly, humans see green best of all the colors out there. According to scientists, that’s because evolution has trained our eyes to pick out edible plants from the sea of green in the jungle. Our planet is mostly green, and as we evolved, our eyes are trained on green – not just for food but also to pick out predators quickly and react to any changes in the environment.

So if you ride a Kawasaki, you made the right choice: green bikes are seen best!

be seen on your motorcycle

Go Loud

No, we don’t mean the obnoxiously loud pipes – it has been proven that they don’t, in fact, save lives.

We mean loud horns:  stock motorcycles often have mediocre horns and if you suddenly need to warn another driver, they may not be effective enough. Make sure your horn is so loud it will get the attention of even the most careless driver!

be seen on your motorcycle

Be Bold

Black helmet and black leathers may look cool – but it won’t help you be seen on your motorcycle. On the road, you’re better off with a brightly colored helmet, a bright yellow, green or red bike and daring fairing colors. Yes, light is more important than color, but make sure you stand out from the mass of grey and black on the streets!

be seen on your motorcycle


Riding in the dark is no fun, nor is it a great idea – most people see a lot worse in dusk – but if you have to, make sure your helmet, jacket and bike are kitted out with reflective stripes. Want something even more extravagant? Check this LED light helmet out:

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