First Motorcycle Ride in Spring? Be Prepared!


Spring is officially here, and we’re all itching to hit that open road again. 

But that first spring ride can be treacherous, so make sure you’re ready!

Check Your Bike

Before you roll out of your garage, make sure your bike is in top condition: check your tires, fluids, oil, lights and chain, and don’t forget to charge the battery and change the fuel. We’ve compiled this useful check list to help you out.

Get In Shape

We don’t mean to question your skills, but even the most experienced veterans can get a little rusty after a long hiatus. Check out your local MSF course, an off-road riding class, or opt for a track day: getting back into riding shape will help you enjoy your ride more and stay safer on the road!

first motorcycle ride in spring

Plan Your Ride

Improvising on the spot can lead to epic adventures, but if you’re heading out for the first time after a long winter pause, stick to the tried and trusted: go for your favorite weekend loop, your old vacation haunts or even your commute route. Can’t wait to ride and explore? Download a GPX file from ADV Tracks, a website that will give you route and road condition advice, photos and videos of that particular route, and other useful information.

Hold Your Horses

It’s tempting to just hit the road and open that throttle, but keep in mind that winter can leave its traces: unexpected potholes, wet roads, patches of sand and gravel can seriously impact your riding, so for the first few rides, just be cautious and watch the road. Leave a little extra room for braking and watch out for other drivers and riders who may be a little rusty after the winter season, too!

first motorcycle ride in spring


All the gear, all the time – especially when you’re heading out for that first motorcycle ride in spring. And it’s not just about safety and protection: although the sun is out longer and longer with each day, cold weather may still linger, so don’t get caught out in just your jeans!

first motorcycle ride in spring


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