Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for 2018


The riding season has finally come! To celebrate, we’ve created a list of the top must-have motorcycle accessories for 2018.

If you love tinkering, upgrading your bike, or are simply looking for something new, this list is for you. Easy to install and fantastic to use, these five motorcycle accessories will revolutionize your ride!




Speaking of mirrors: have you seen our brand new product, MirrorLok? MirrorLok will change your rear view forever: extending your mirrors out, MirrorLok provides a much better view as well as minimizes mirror vibration at speed. On top of that, MirrorLok also acts as a helmet and gear lock, so you never have to worry about your stuff again!

Barkbusters Handguards

Even if you’re not riding off-road all the time, a pair of handguards can make your life so much easier: not only they protect your hands in case of a crash, but also offer some weather protection. When you’re freezing, every little helps, so go ahead and get your Barkbuster Handguards!

must-have motorcycle accessories

The Rever App

Don’t want to splurge on an expensive GPS unit? The Rever App is here to save the day: easy to install and simple to use, Rever can help you navigate, plan and record your routes, and even create group rides.

must-have motorcycle accessories

Sena Bluetooth Camera and Comm System

The new Sena 10cC Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication system sounds too good to be true: it can connect you with other riders, answer phone calls and texts while riding, record audio and video, shoot photos and play music and radio. This tiny but powerful gadget is all you need to stay connected!

must-have motorcycle accessories

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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