Riding in Hot Weather


The summer is finally here! But riding in hot weather needs just as much planning as winter riding, so make sure you’re ready.


All the gear all the time – yes, even if it’s a 100 degrees outside! In fact, you’re much better off wearing your motorcycle gear than shorts and a t-shirt, because a jacket and pants won’t let you dry off as quickly, which means you’ll stay hydrated longer.

Riding in Hot Weather

Needless to say, wearing ATGATT is all about your safety. But it’s also about your health: if you ride wearing just a t-shirt, you’ll get a severe sunburn-and dehydrate faster! So zip up, no matter where you’re headed.

Keep it Cool

Wearing full motorcycle gear doesn’t mean you have to suffer, though. Cooling vests are great for riding in hot weather; if you don’t want to invest in one, simply wet your shirt in cold water and wear it underneath your jacket. A cold wet neck buff can help keep you cool, too; make sure you wear lightweight wicking socks and breathable boots. Merino wool is amazing at wicking away sweat, so choose your base layers accordingly!

Riding in Hot Weather


This one is obvious, but so many people forget to sip water as they ride along. Get yourself a comfortable hydra-pack, and make sure you sip water every 15 minutes or so to keep yourself hydrated. If you’re thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated – hot weather can be ruthless!

Riding in Hot Weather

Desert riding tip: if you’re headed somewhere extremely hot, fill your hydra-pack with ice. This way, you’ll have cold water for hours, as the ice melts. Top the ice off at gas stations and restaurants.

Stay Light

You may feel tempted to fill up on gas station sandwiches or diner burgers, but all that grease combined with carbs and sodas won’t do you much good, especially if you’re riding in hot weather. Choose light snack instead: salads, fruit, grilled meats and veggies. A cold cucumber and potato salad will help you stay full and hydrated, because these foods contain water; stay away from coffee, because it will dehydrate you faster. Need meat? Choose a shrimp cocktail: it’s pure protein, so you’ll have energy throughout the day, and zero fat, so you won’t feel sluggish.

Riding in Hot Weather

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