Summer Motorcycle Gear


Adventure or off-road? Which summer motorcycle gear will provide the most protection and comfort? We’ve compiled the pros and cons of each.

When riding in hot weather, choosing the right gear is just as important as when riding in low temperatures. You want protection and function, but you also need it to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Off-Road and Motocross Gear

Off-road, or motocross, gear is a great option for summer riding. Although not as sturdy and durable as the tougher ADV gear, off-road gear can still offer a considerable amount of protection. If you decide to go with the motocross stuff, make sure you choose a reputable manufacturer to make sure the materials they use are of the highest quality. You can definitely skimp on motocross jerseys, neck buffs or base layers, but do splurge on good quality boots, body armor, and pants!

Pros: lightweight, breathable, allows for flexibility

Cons: unsuitable for longer journeys (over six months); doesn’t offer multi-seasonal wear

summer motorcycle gear

Adventure Riding Gear

Adventure riding gear nowadays is so technical it’s absolutely amazing. GoreTex, D30, abrasion-resistant fabrics, ventilation, comfort – some of the high-end adventure gear will last you for years and keep you safe, dry, and comfy through any weather and terrain conditions. Adventure gear usually offers good ventilation, so even though you’ll be hotter than in a motocross kit, adventure gear is still a great option for summer riding.

Pros: multi-seasonal, durable, offers great protection

Cons: heavy; allows for less flexibility

summer motorcycle gear

Mix and Match

You don’t have to choose either, though: to meet your needs, you can always just mix and match! Adventure pants work great with body armor and jersey; motocross boots always offer more protection than “ADV” range; there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match, and pick out the best gear items that will work for you.

summer motorcycle gear

What gear do you prefer to use in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!




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