Riding Solo vs in a Group


Why do we ride? For the freedom, adventure, and the discovery. But what’s better, riding solo vs in a group?

Riding can be very individual: some people love the quiet helmet time, and some just need their buddies to make the ride unforgettable. Which type are you?

The Lone Wolf

If you prefer solitude, there’s nothing better than those endless miles disappearing under your front tire, while you take the views in. Riding a motorcycle is a very intense experience that requires you to be fully in the moment; when you’re riding alone, it’s amplified. Your focus is sharp, you’re fully dedicated to the riding, and there’s nothing to distract your attention.

Ride alone if: you prefer to fly solo; riding is a form of meditation to you; or if you simply need to get away from it all.

riding solo vs in a group

The Social Butterfly

Riding with your friends can be an amazing experience: you’ll be able to share the moments, experience the ride in a different way, and enjoy the camaraderie. Riding in a group can enhance the experience, as long as your riding buddies are on the same page (and speed!) and have the same goals as you do. Riding in a group can also be safer: if one of you gets hurt or a bike breaks down, others can go get help.

Ride in a group if: you thrive when you’re with your friends; you want to share the experience; you feel safer in a group.

riding solo vs in a group

The Chameleon

There’s nothing wrong with riding either solo or in a group depending on your mood, riding style, or destination. But what if you just got a motorcycle, and none of your friends are into bikes?

Trusty riding buddies are hard to come by, but talk to your local dealer or service shop and find out if they organize group rides. Maybe there’s a motorcycle rally near you? If you can’t find riding buddies in your area, try forum message boards: finding like-minded riders online is a great way to create your own riding group!

riding solo vs in a group

Do you prefer riding solo or in a group? Let us know in the comments below!


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