Adventure Motorcycle Tires


We all know: the perfect dual sport tire just doesn’t exist. But which adventure motorcycle tires could be the right fit for you?

With every year, tire manufacturers offer more and more dual sport tire options out there. 50/50’s, 60/40s, pure off-road, road – the choices are getting better and better. So what’ the best one? We’ve compiled a few points to consider.

adventure motorcycle tires

Road, Off-Road, Adventure

Generally, road tires are slick with small grooves to let the water and road debris to disperse. Off-road tires are the exact opposite: these have knobs of varying sizes, allowing the tire to dig into the terrain. Most of the “adventure”, or “dual sport”, tires are somewhere in between: slick enough to offer a good grip on tarmac, but groovy enough to be able to ride on gravel and dirt.

adventure motorcycle tires

Deciding on Your Ride

To pick the best set of tires, you need to be honest with yourself: how much off-road riding are you really going to do? If you’re planning to ride the Trans America Trail, knobby tires will work great, but if you mostly tour on paved roads, there’s no point getting anything more aggressive than an adventure tire.

adventure motorcycle tires

Budgeting and Longevity

Tires aren’t exactly cheap, so you need to work within your budget to see what is the optimal tire for your bike. Most adventure tires are known for their durability and can last anywhere between 6,000 and 12,000 miles; pure off-road tires will last you up to 3-5,000 miles.  Road tires can last anywhere between 5 to 15,000 miles, depending on the road conditions, use, and manufacturer.

adventure motorcycle tires

For a more detailed account about specific tires and the longevity and durability of different make and model tires, read this BLOG POST.


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