Improve Motorcycle Mirrors: See More!


Being seen is important, but seeing well is just as essential when riding. Are your motorcycle mirrors doing their job properly? Here’s a list of simple DIY tips that can improve your view!

Adjusting Your Mirrors

This one seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to properly adjust their motorcycle mirrors. Make sure you’re adjusting your mirrors while your bike is fully upright! Put it on the center stand or sit on your bike still with both feet planted firmly on the ground and adjust your mirrors so you can see what’s behind you clearly.

improve motorcycle mirrors

Keep them Clean

Dust, dead bugs, and other road grime mess with your view: make sure you clean your motorcycle mirrors as often as you can! Clean mirrors means clear view, so just keep a small cloth in your pocket and wipe the mirrors every time you stop.

motorcycle mirrors

Reduce The Glare

Riding in the dark isn’t a great idea, but if you must, make sure your mirrors are anti-glare. Minimizing glare will improve your night-time visibility and allow you to see vehicles behind you more clearly.

motorcycle mirrors


motorcycle mirrors

Strap Them On Your Gloves

Riding off-road, and don’t want to break your mirrors in case you fall? Check out this snowmobile/ATV trick: simply strap mirrors on your gloves and use them whenever needed! These will not replace your regular motorcycle mirrors but it will help you see whether your riding buddies are keeping up with you without craning your neck all the time.

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What do you do to improve your motorcycle mirrors? Let us know in the comments below!


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