ADV Motorcycle Ergonomics


Motorcycle ergonomics, especially when buying a dual sport or adventure bike, is veryimportant.

On an adventure bike, you’ll be covering long distances, riding both on and off the road, attacking technical trails, and enjoying the twisties. Feeling comfortable on you bike and making sure you’re in the best sitting and standing position is key if you want to avoid pains, aches and fatigue.

Measuring the Fit

If you’re not sure if a particular bike will be a good fit for you, try this handy motorcycle ergonomics tool. Pick any bike – any make or model – and put in your height, inseam, and other measurements to see what your riding position would be. Can you put both feet on the ground? Does it look like the lean angle is correct? Now, go and test the bike you choose!

Motorcycle Ergonomics

Adjust the Handlebars

If the motorcycle you want is a good enough fit, but you’d like to change your sitting or standing position a little, try adjusting your handlebars. Roll them forward if you feel your elbows are bent too much, or put them back if you can’t reach properly.

Change Your Seat

A lot of dual sport and adventure bikes come with absolutely atrocious stock seats. Luckily, there are plenty of aftermarket seats available, so pick the one you like and install it. A good seat can make a world of a difference!

Swap Your Foot Pegs

Foot pegs are extremely important on an adventure bike: you want them comfy enough for road riding, but wide and grippy enough to work on the trails when you’re standing up on them. Stock foot pegs are often covered in rubber which is great in dry conditions, but on wet, muddy roads, they increase the risk of your foot slipping – and that can result in a serious accident.

Motorcycle Ergonomics

Adjust Your Levers

Your brake and clutch levers need to be positioned perfectly so you can use them as comfortably as possible. If they’re positioned too far out, your hands will tire quickly; too high or too low, and they might become harder to grab.

Motorcycle Ergonomics

What are your favorite mods to make your bike more comfortable? Let us know in the comments below!

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