MirrorLok Q&A with Al Jesse


You had questions about MirrorLok – Al is here to answer!

As our Kickstarter campaign is gaining traction, we’ve noticed you have some questions and concerns about MirrorLok. So we brought them directly to Al Jesse, heart and soul of Moto Manufacturing and the inventor of Mirror Lok!

Here’s what Al had to say:

Q: MirrorLok extends my mirrors – does that mean that if I drop my bike, the mirrors will break more easily?

A: Because MirrorLok has the polymer O-rings installed, it means that the mirrors actually rotate. So if you were to crash your bike, instead of breaking, the mirrors would simply be pushed away and remain intact. Once you get back up, just rotate the mirror back in its place!

Q: What kind of a cable are you using to lock the helmet and jacket?

A: We use a 185/4″ bicycle cable sourced from a reputable company right here in the US. You can use whatever cable you like as long as it fits into the MirrorLok shackle!

Q: With MirrorLok, my mirrors are now wider than the handlebars. Is that a problem?

A: Not at all! MirrorLok is all about giving you a much broader field vision: pushing your mirrors one inch upward and two inches out, MirrorLok dramatically improves your rear view, and that’s what you’re after.

Q: Won’t mirror extensions increase vibration?

A: yes, to an extent – but that’s why MirrorLok has the cushioning polymer O-rings which minimize the vibration at speed.

Q: when will the Sena/GoPro camera mount add-on be available?

A: we’re working on a couple of improvements right now! The camera mount add-on should be available around May 1st.

Q: Is MirrorLok easily removed? I’m worried about theft.

A: not at all! The mirrors spin around so there’s no way to get the off, and the shackle is inaccessible without the key.

Q: Do you listen to customer feedback?

A: Absolutely. We make everything in-house and we’re able to change things very quickly. We don’t outsource the manufacturing which allows us to implement new things during the process.

Q: Why did you make MirrorLok?

A: I got tired of seeing my shoulder in my stock mirrors all the time. I felt like riders needed a much bigger field of vision! And because I love multi-functional, ergonomic designs, I also added the vibration-cancelling elements as well as the helmet and gear lock.


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