Allen’s MirrorLok Review


We’ve been talking about MirrorLok for a while now – but how does it work in real life? Well, the first MirrorLok review is finally in!

Allen, one of the first riders to test MirrorLok, has recently sent us his review. We’re thrilled to hear it’s working great!

Allen installed a MirrorLok on his KTM 1190S. Because of the specifics of the bike (the turn signal switch is thicker than on most bikes), Allen will require a few more washers and a longer bolt, which we’re working on right now – but in the meantime, Allen is still enjoying a much better rear view.

MirrorLok review

“The mirrors are higher and further out than stock,  providing excellent views rearward! The mounts provide rock solid support – no vibration at all.  I tested them out with a friend in my mirrors for about 100 miles through twisty turns of Wupatki National Park. I even saw a law enforcement ranger in my mirrors, avoiding the proverbial stopping and discussing the weather among other things!”, – says Allen.

According to him, the locking mechanism works extremely well and gives very strong protection. “Criminal activity would be hard pressed to get into this solid but utterly simple system. The MirrorLok provides more stable protection. I have used retractable cable locks forever. The cable is about one tenth the thickness of MirrorLoks so much more safety against loss!”, – Allen adds.


His favorite MirrorLok feature? “The fact that MirrorLok is integrated with a mirror extension. Solves two real issues!”.

We appreciate this MirrorLok review. Have you already tried MirrorLok? Let us know what you thought about it!

And in the meantime, here’s a MirrorLok installation video to help you out:

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