Motorcycle Headlight Protection


Your headlight is your greatest asset to be seen on the road – but what do you need to know about your motorcycle headlight protection? We’ve compiled a useful list.

Motorcycle headlights are vulnerable to¬† stones, gravel and other objects both on an off the road – road grit, kicked up by other vehicles, can hit your headlight just about anywhere. Modern LED lights can get pretty expensive, so your best bet is to protect the headlight and simply prevent it from happening. Here’s what you can choose from:

Protective Film

A clear adhesive covering is probably one of the easiest and simplest motorcycle headlight protection tools to install: just clean the surface of your headlight, peel the back of the protective film off, and stick it onto the headlight. It will protect from most dings and scratches and, depending on quality, from rocks and gravel as well.

Polycarbonate Lens

Polycarbonate isn’t just a fancy word for plastic: it’s much lighter, clearer, and a lot tougher than plain plastic – even opticians prefer polycarbonate lenses to glass or plastic when it comes to people’s eyes. Well, your motorcycle headlight is sort of like your bike’s eye – so if you think a protective film might not be enought, opt for a polycarbonate lens instead!

Acrylic Shield

When it comes to acrylic vs polycarbonate, acrylic is shinier and more scratch – resistant whereas polycarbonate is tougher. If you’re all about aesthetics and want to get a better deal (polycarbonate is often more expensive), an acryclic shield for your headlight might be a great option!

Metal Grill

Want something extra tough that will last for years? A metal grill might be your best bet: easy enough to install, a metal mesh protector will keep your healdight safe and sound on any road conditions.

Motorcycle Headlight Protection DIY

Love tinkering? Make a headlight protector yourself! We found this cool video on how to both protect and improve your headlight:

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments below!


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