MirrorLok Now Available For Purchase!


We’ve got some exciting news: MirrorLok is finally available for purchase on our website.

Although our Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach it’s funding goal, we’re so excited and grateful that so many of you chose to believe in us and support us! And it’s time to deliver: we were set to go regardless of the Kickstarter outcome, and we have already manufactured our first batch of the MirrorLok:


The Kickstarter campaign was a fantastic learning opportunity for all of us. And one of the things we learned is that our backers are our tribe! So if you have backed us on Kickstarter, we’ll honor the campaign prices: please email us at info@motomanufacturing.com or call 623-878-7146, and we’ll get you sorted!


For those of you who would simply like to purchase MirrorLok, all you need to do is click this button:


MirrorLok is a smart motorcycle accessory that extends your mirrors, minimizes mirror vibration at speed, and acts as a helmet and gear lock. Interested in what other riders had to say?

The mirrors are higher and further out than stock,  providing excellent views rearward! The mounts provide rock solid support – no vibration at all.  I tested them out with a friend in my mirrors for about 100 miles through twisty turns of Wupatki National Park. I even saw a law enforcement ranger in my mirrors, avoiding the proverbial stopping and discussing the weather among other things!”, – says one of our first MirrorLok testers, Allen. read the full review HERE.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page, or watch this Q&A video with Al Jesse:

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