December 2018 BMW Owners News (via Issuu)


SOMETIMES A PRODUCT SHOWS up on your desk you didn’t know you needed.  A creation from Al Jesse. the MirrorLok mirror extender was one such product.  See more, less vibration, lock your stuff, the packaging said.  The possibilities piqued my interest.

Like most riders, I’m used to a third of my mirrors showing my jacket sleeves and if there was a vibrating mass in the remaining two thirds, I’d know there was something behind me.  As for locking gear to my bike, well that just maybe the icing on the cake, as the fear of having my gear stolen while on the road means anything not bolted to me or my bike accompanies me when going into restaurants, gas stations or rest areas.

Two thumbs up for MirrorLok marketing!

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Source: Issuu

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