Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Beginners


Keeping your bike in top condition is so important, but what if you’ve just started riding, and need some motorcycle maintenance tips for beginners?

We’re here to help!

Tire Check

Keeping an eye on your tires seems like an obvious thing to do – but so many people actually forget it! Check your bike’s manual to find out what the ideal tire pressure for your motorcycle is and check the tires daily or at least, before every ride if you don’t commute.

While you’re at it, also check for tire wear, cracks and any other damage: flats are annoying, so make sure your rubber is doing well!

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Liquid Evaluation

Quality engine oil will keep your bike happy and purring for years, so make sure you change or top off your oil regularly. Your bike’s manual or your local dealership will be able to tell you how often you need to change the oil, but keep an eye out just in case and check the oil level weekly or monthly, depending on how much you ride.

Make sure you get motorcycle-specific oil!

Once you’ve changed or topped off your oil, check your brake fluid and coolant. Unlike cars, motorcycles run out of liquids much quicker, so stay on top of it.

motorcycle maintenance tips for beginners

Chain Maintenance

If your motorcycle has a chain drive, make sure your chain is clean and well-lubricated: this will prolong the life of your chain and sprockets.

Check your bike’s manual for the optimal chain tension and make sure your chain isn’t too slack or too tense to avoid damaging it or even having an accident.

If your bike has a shaft drive, make sure your final drive oil is topped off regularly.

motorcycle maintenance tips for beginners

Is There a Spark?

Generally, you don’t need to worry about your spark plugs every ride, but do check them at least once a year and change them if they look tired. No spark, no ride, so just keep an eye out!

You may also want to check your fork seals and clutch cable every six months or so; if you ride off-road a lot, watch your air filter and clean it as necessary.

Here’s a short but very useful video about some daily check-ups that will help you keep your bike safe and save service costs:

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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