Best Motorcycle Cable Locks


When you buy MirrorLok, you can also get your helmet and gear cables to help keep your stuff secure.

But what if you want a little more protection? We’ve researched the best motorcycle cable locks out there:

On Guard Rottweiler

Best Motorcycle Cable Locks

This is a heavy duty, armored motorcycle cable lock with a high security rating. The On Guard Rottweiler is a twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel armor to resist attack from bolt and wire cutters. It has a double bolt locking mechanism which provides pull resistance, a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar to provide extra security, and a vinyl covering to protect paint and other surfaces.

 Kryptonite Hardwire 2018 Key Cable

best motorcycle cable locks

A 20mm braided steel cable with a reinforced head lock and a high-security disc-style cylinder with an anti-drill guard: the Kryptonite Hardware 2018 Key Cable is one of the toughest cable locks out there.

Trimax  VMAX6

best motorcycle cable locks

This is a smaller, lighter and more economical cable lock. At 10mm in diameter, the Trimax VMAX6 has a tough locking mechanism and  many versatile uses: you can secure your bike, helmet, and gear all in one go.

Master Lock Quantum Cuff

best motorcycle cable locks

This braided steel cable is resistant to cutting and sawing; its cylinder-style lock adds extra security, and a rotating cuff offers flexibility attaching the cable to any object. The Master Lock Quantum Cuff is a great choice for locking your bike and gear.

Did we forget anything? What bike locks do you use? Let us know in the comments below!