Mirror Lok Interviewed at IMS Long Beach (via Creative-Riding)


MirrorLok at Progressive IMSPhoto: Creative Riding This year at Progressive IMS Long Beach we had the opportunity to check out a new (to us) gadget that’s practical and functional. That phrase  might sound funny at first, but walk through the vendor booths at most motorcycle trade shows, and you’ll find plenty of farkles and trinkets that are functional, but make no sense at all. (C’mon, cupholders on a motor-cycle?)

I think you can see why, out of the multitude of gloves, jackets and helmets, this particular item piqued my interest. It was very unique. It served multiple purposes on a motorcycle. It was also functional +. And the inventor was nice enough to send me a full press release prior to the show.
I had to see this thing and find out more.

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Source: Creative-Riding

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